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jody jazz hr 7, esp 7, and classic

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Just got a trial for all 3. I decided not to get the dv because It seems many people tend to say they are a bit yeah. I'll give some updates soon about how i feel about them. Right now. Super action 80 II and Java 2 1/2, 3's and ZZ 2 1/2 and 3 reeds. I'll get back to ya'll as soon as possible if anybodys interested!!!
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Looking forward to reading your impressions.
Update please? (btw, our names are like basically the same...that's kinda freaky... :)
SaxDude11, how did you get on with your trials ??
kavala said:
SaxDude11, how did you get on with your trials ??
I've PM'd him.
I'm guessing the jury is still out. :cool: Sorry...just had to go there.

New Life Sax
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