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Jody Jazz DV vs. Jody Jazz Esp for alto

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What are the main differences in sound quality for the jody jazz dv and JJ esp (both alto)? How do they compare? Any info for both side by side would be great.
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I've got an ESP 7 and a DV 8 for alto. Both great pieces. The ESP is more versatile since you can take the spoiler out. It has a little more resistance and a narrower profile. It is more focused and a little less edgy, even with the spoiler. The bottom end is a little fatter on the DV. The ESP provides a more "pure" or "clean" tone. The response on the ESP is more traditional, whereas the DV feels sort of extreme.

I would recommend the ESP more for contemporary jazz and smooth jazz, whereas the DV is great for rock, funk, and when you want maximum edge. They are both very well finished, free blowing, and easy to play compared to many other pieces I've tried.
anybody else wanna put 2 cents in plz

First off, it would be polite to thank bfoster64 for putting some time and effort into replying here. Saying "anyone else wanna chime in" might imply you don't care what bfoster64 had to say. I think his response was well put and I agree with his opinions.

Second, you already asked nearly this same question in another thread, and I went into great detail explaining the mouthpieces. If you have more questions, visit and you will see a PLETHORA of information, opinions, reviews, and pictures of the mouthpieces in question.

Good luck.

Yeah thats exactly what I told my friend lol. I'm sorry, I have a friend who's been using this account for a jody jazz for a while now. I haven't signed in in about a month. Coming from somebody else bfoster I thank you, but my friends a little nuts with mouthpieces.
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