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As I have stated in the previous post, I am looking for a jazz piece for alto. Although I would definitely like to get an RPC 80B, it's just way too much money, so I have narrowed it down to a few other choices. Along with these, I will be trying out some other generally more available pieces (Link, Meyer), but you really can't find these in stores. My choices are
1. Jody Jazz classic

2. Runyon Custom

3. Runyon Jazz

4. Runyon Quantum (not metal)

5. Runyon XL

As before, I am looking for a sweet, slightly bright, slightly edgy sound (kinda like a lead alto in a big band sound) without the spoiler in, and a sanborn-ish rock sound with the spoiler in. I also need good control and altissimo, and it needs to work with a Buescher New Aristocrat. Which one of these will suit my needs best? Thanks.

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Personally I found the XL wayyyy to thin for my tastes. Not nearly enough body in the sound. IMO a good rock sound should still have body, and as for jazz, the XL just isn't thick enough. But that's just my opinion. Have you tried a small chambered Meyer?
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