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JK 1957 sop New King restauration project or wall hanger?

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Hi, just got hold of a Julius Keilwerth Toneking-New King model soprano 1957 SN 344XX made in Germany. It is in a pretty poor state now, the bell rim is a bit bent (the endbit only) the nickel has some oxidation traces in the form of pitting, all pads need to be changed....I could have it re-hauled for a 300/350 euros from my capable technician who would take care of most of the issues and make it playable again (he did always a good job with most things he has done for me) but the question is, is it worth it? I paid very little for this horn which I more or less out of pity bought from a teenage girl whom (the parents were there....and at first I said I didn't want it because of all the expense involved.... but she really needed the money...and so on) was given it from some relative to supplement her pocket money. I play alto and tenor, I don't have a soprano. I just don't know if this soprano is worth the effort or not. How much do you think is worth now and after a rehaul (I am asking for an educated guess here) is it worth passing it onto someone else who can do the rehauling him or herself? Or do I just hang it on a wall?:?
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I vote for fixing it up. A little oxidation isn't so bad, it's just cosmetic. Polish it up and see how it looks then. And maybe your tech can take a look at it and see what he thinks. He may offer to take it off your hands though, which would be an indication you should keep it. ;)
Im with Elmar on that, Why dont you just take your time and do it up,put some photos up of it now and then at the end.Think of the staisfaction you will get from bring it back to life.Im sure the sax will thank you for it also by playing great for you.
ooooh! this saxophone plays by itself! :) just a joke! Well I'll take it to my technician today and see what he thinks....I just spoke to him and he said they make good players ....or did he say they make players good......:) I wonder!
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