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Jerry Bergonzi + Phil Dwyer + Giant Steps = THIS!!!

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Oh, man. Love this!

I bought the CD Sax Summit, featuring some great Canadian players, because it has Mike Murley and Seamus Blake on it, 2 of my favorite tenor guys -- I hadn't heard of Dwyer. And -- holy crap, he *kills* on that CD, as he does on everything I've heard since.

And Remi Bolduc has some other YouTubes out there with Bergonzi, along with an album with Gonz, and I *love* his playing. I want to get to Montreal one of these days and try to grab a lesson with him...

LOTS of great players north of the border!

(Oh, by the way, Bergonzi is glorious on this as well...)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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