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Jazz Scene in Florida - Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Pensacola areas

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Hey everyone. My wife and I are thinking of checking out Florida (sometime if the pandemic allows) and I'm curious what the jazz scene is like in these areas. Is there a vibrant jazz scene? Regular gigs and jam sessions? Venues/players who are "must see"? How are people from these areas making it as musicians? Thanks for any info you can give.
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I live in Tampa Bay area, it's ok. My quintet was playing out 1-2 times per month (it's a side project more than anything), but I'd guess a few nights per week somewhere in town you'd be able to see live jazz. We have quite a few heavy players here, though none of them are "household names". Butch Thomas is one, he played in Jaco's big band, and toured the world with Sting in the mid-90s. If you end up coming down here, reach out if you'd like to beforehand.
Yeah, I googled it and there were quite a few venues that have/had jazz regularly from what I saw. Is there much of a tourist industry in the Tampa area, or along the West coast?
Huge tourist industry here, yes. Though because of Covid, that's way way down.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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