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Jazz Material!!

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Hellooo SOTW!!

Have been playing sax for 11 years now and playing/listening to jazz for about 3-4 years and have learnt so much already...
Basically I just wanted to know what jazz musicians/saxophonists people listen to who they find inspiring...i listen to a wide range already, including grover washington jr., gerald Albright, Charlie Parker (of course!) etc... but i was just wondering whether there were any others that i maybe haven't come across yet...

Also if anyone could recommend any good 'jazz books' that i could read just to learn a bit more about the subject... and lastly any playing material i should try out, i mean i can play through the real books but anything else maybe that anyone has found interesting/challenging/enjoyable to play??

Thanks everyone, hope to hear from some people,

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Short answer - yes, there's a bunch of players you don't know about. Check out Dave Gelly's book Masters of Jazz Saxophone if you want to read up about some more - or pick up a Penguin Guide to Jazz.

There's a good bit of stuff to read hear
There's plenty of books that have exercises and patterns to play through. Here's one for tenor with a CD
And look for one called Jazzology about chords etc.
After that there are the Playalong books from Jamey Aebersold which are used a lot. (Start with book 1 if you havent' seen it already. ) I like the similar Hal Leonard Playalongs which have backing track with and without melody which can be handy for beginners.
Also check out all the asrticles posted on the other bit of this SOTW website and the likes of Tim Price and Pete Thomas sites whcih have a lot of useful stuff.
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