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I finally recieved the DVD today. I ordered this DVD when they put the DVD on the shelve first time. I have been hunting for Paul Desmond's decent footage for some time, and I think I hit the jack-pot!:) First of all the quality of the sound is waaaaaay better than that of Jazz Casual. The film is all black and white but the sound is so colorful and vivid. I didn't even noticed one hour passed when the DVD finished playing. Especially the interesting part was that they played "the forty days" which is rather religious number that is not in the same page with Paul. But the his solo really made me think that religious jazz number can make some feel chill through his spine (I am a religious man, though).

One thing I noticed and made me quite scratch my head was that Paul seemed to play Gregory Master Model (at least early model?) instead of Gregory Model A. The camera zoomed in his "playing face" so close the marking on the MPC was readable. And the famous brass ring was rather squared one instead of round ring. I read a story that Paul bashed his old MPC with a hammer, because he didn't have to go back to old one even if the new one turns out to be bad one (they say he was not drunk at that time). Maybe the Master model is his new MPC, I think.

Well that was my two cents on the DVD.
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