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I know it's a bit off topic but I would like to know whom you would say are great jazz guitar players and what bands would have a horn and guitar player...Present and past .

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Jim Hall and Joe Pass are two that I personally like for traditional jazz but John Scofield and Mike Stern are among my favorite players too.

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Jim Hall's work with Sonny Rollins
Wes Montgomery's w/ Johnny Griffin
Billy Bauer's w/ Lee Konitz
Kenny Burell's w/ Coltrane, Stanley Turrentine, Junior Cook, Tina Brooks
John Scofield's with Joe Lovano
Jimmy Raney's w/ Stan Getz
Jim Hall w/ Paul Desmond
John Abercrombie's w/ Alex Foster and Jack DeJohnette
Paul Bollenback w/ Gary Thomas
Kurt Rosenwinkel's w/ Mark Turner
Charlie Byrd's w/ Stan Getz
George Benson's w/ Ronnie Cuber (and Red Holloway !)
Larry Coryell's w/ Steve Marcus
Gabor Szabo's w/ Charles Lloyd
Mike Stern's w/ Bob Berg
Gilad Hekselman's w/ Mark Turner
Charlie Hunter w/ John Ellis
Mick Goodrick's w/Jerry Bergonzi
Pat Metheny's w/ Mike Brecker
Johnny Smith w/ Stan Getz
Ed Bickert w/ Paul Desmond
Kevin Eubanks w/ Steve Coleman w/ Dave Holland

these are just off the top of my head . Now go to Youtube and LISTEN.

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Tryptykon definitely covered many of my favorites: John Scofield/Joe Lovano, Kurt Rosenwinkel/Mark Turner, and Pat Metheny/Michael Brecker are legendary combos. I'd put Wayne Krantz/Chris Potter and John McLaughlin/Gary Thomas (or Brecker, or anyone) on that list too.

I didn't know about the Paul Bollenback/Gary Thomas collaborations! Thanks for posting that, that's going right on my list. Gary is one of my favorite players, and way under-appreciated.

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Of course Sonny Sharrock wanted to be a sax player, but asthma pushed him to guitar. Miles, Bill Laswell, etc., but I really like his album Ask the Ages. Where he trades licks with Pharoah.
(Dis with Jan Garbarek, Ralph Towner and a "wind harp" is another favorite. Those two team up on a couple of different ECM ensembles.)

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Joe Beck with Joe Farrell. Beck's tune Penny Arcade is a classic.


Wow, I forgot all about him. I have that album and a few others. I was lucky to see Joe Beck live back in the 70's in a small jazz club (that is no longer there). There was also an album he did with David Sanborn . That was around the time I saw him. A great guitar player that could play a multitude of styles ( jazz , rock , fusion ). Thanks for posting that ; that is some funky stuff right there.

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" He thought he was the best that there is in the world." I found that quote but not the one that made me think of Duane in the studio with other guitar session men, when I saw the players listed above that I recognised. It went something like, when Duane would go into one of his musical tantrums or explosions, the other guitarist would start shaking and couldn't play anymore. Not many could go toe to toe with old Duane. Miles Davis and BB King put out feelers to record with him, but why oh why didn't he make a record with Ben Webster. It could have been the record of the century, though Ben may have had his stoke earlier trying to keep up with Allman. At least we got this, Herbie soldiering along and Duane reaching back to his Tennessee childhood for music of some confederate soldier's johnny come marching home.

Duane's collaborations with King Curtis may have led to Albert Ayler's people teaming him up with blond haired Henry Vestine. Ayler apparently was not amused at first, but here you can hear both musicians leaning towards each other to produce this masterpiece.

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