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Jazz Saxophone Lessons by Tim Price:

Minor 7(b5) to Dominant 7(b9)

A useful chord… minor seventh flat five… sometimes called "half diminished". (The minor seventh flat five chord may be notated as: Ø )

This moves from the minor seventh flat five sound to the dominant seventh flat nine with ease. At [2] you can start to put your altissimo into use! Listen carefully to how I shaped the harmony on the dominant seventh flat nine chord.

Try this with a modern Cannonball Adderley type concept. Just play it, and "lay back on the time", and make it sound funky and modern.

- Tim Price
Available as an Adobe Acrobat .PDF document, click

Tim Price is a Selmer Clinician, professional musician, jazz journalist and author. He teaches in New York City and Pennsylvania.
He holds a degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston (1973 graduate). While at Berklee, he studied with Charlie Mariano, as well as with Andy McGhee, Joe Viola, and Nick Ciazza. After Berklee he studied saxophone and improvisation with Sal Nistico, Fred Lipsius, Jimmy Lyons, Ray Pizzi, Sonny Stitt, and Ronnie Cuber; flute with Harold Jones; clarinet with Kal Opperman and bassoon with Karen Borca.
Tim resides in Reading, Pennsylvania with his wife, Marcia. He can be contacted for clinics, master classes, private teaching, gigs, and concerts by e-mail. Visit Tim'swebsite.
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