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Jay Metcalf - Comparing Cheap Baritone Saxophone Mouthpieces

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Yamaha 5C
Rico Graftonite B7
Rico Metalite M7
Yanagisawa Refaced
Otto Link Tone Edge 8
Meyer 9
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The Link was the best for you by far. All the other ones were pretty much the same. Is this what you really sound like on bari? !sllab oN :)
Yeah - I like Jay's videos and generally find them to be well done and informative. His bari sound is just not particularly well developed as his alto and tenor sounds are.

My biggest criticism of this video would be what LostConn is poking a bit of fun at above - he should have explained that the tip openings on these pieces are significantly different and they are aimed at different players and in many ways different types of music. The tip openings on the Meyer and Link are much larger than the others and so they make it easier to get a bigger, fuller, louder sound assuming you have the air support and technique to take advantage of that. A 13 year old (or parent of a 13 year old) who's been playing for two years and has been asked to play bari in 8th grade concert band is liable to view this video and decide to order a Link TE 8 or Meyer 9 because that what Jay sounds the best on not realizing the Yamaha is probably the piece they should be ordering.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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