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James Houlik Wildacres Saxophone Retreat

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Hey all,

I've heard about this performance/improvement opportunity hosted by James Houlik, the Wildacres Saxophone Retreat. Has anybody here gone on this retreat? Would you recommend it for a sophomore/rising junior in high school? Why or why not? It sounds like a lot of fun, but I'm not sure if I'm the appropriate age to attend.

If you have attended, what did you like about it? Any great stories?

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I'm not a classical player, student of the horn, or any of that. I have however gotten to meet Mr. Houlik a number of times at the annual Navy Band Saxophone symposium over the years. He is a very approachable, humble man, eager to discuss his craft and share his knowledge. He also has the best damned tenor saxophone tone I've ever heard, and I'm a jazz/pop player.
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