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IVAN RENTA on his 10MFAN Showtime tenor mpc----ENJOY!

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IVAN RENTA on his 10MFAN Showtime tenor mpc

This piece can be warm and full, punchy, or bright. It has more brights available and is more free blowing than my Robusto model. Full, open, focussed, and VIBRANT!


You can get this model or ANY of my models for only $350 plus shipping during my big 6th Anniversary Sale going on for this entire month of July!
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Thank you, Keith. It’s got so much flexibility, it’s ridiculous.
It can be warm like a Link or gruff like a Berg, but it doesn’t make you go one way or the other. It’s got more freedom in the blow than the Robusto and more brights available for the player that needs that. A guy came over last week with an Early Babbitt hard rubber that he thought was the greatest thing ever, and then he played my Showtime and freaked out. He couldn’t leave without it. It absolutely ate up his mouthpiece.
Thank you, my friend. Such a great player. He has been using my HR Robusto for many years now, and he is really enjoying his Showtime. He was so happy to finally get one.

Hope you are doing great and have a Happy 4th.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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