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I have decided I am buying my new tenor mouthpiece in the next three weeks. I want something dark, very neat and clean, and good control. Especially in the low octave, and altissimo. I have a $400 budget. I am thinking about a Jody Jazz Dv Ny 8*/9. Anyone have ideas?

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Try before you buy... unless you get a great deal and can resell at about the same price that you paid for it (any mouthpiece, not just the DV).
This is my recommendation also. One of the main problems with purchasing based only on recommendation is that everyone's mouth, embochure, oral cavity and air-pathway is different, as well as their tonal conception. The only way to find what is exactly right for you is by trying different pieces. I've got a buddy that I grew up and learned how to play with. He's a fabulous player, and we have very similar tonal concepts, but we can't play the same mouthpieces with the same results.

One other note; finding something you like now, at this place and time, doesn't mean you'll still prefer it two, three, or more years down the road. Things evolve.

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