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Just got the first few dozen orders back here and the pieces look and play FANTASTIC!!!!
World-class mouthpieces MADE RIGHT, top to bottom!

These are original designs, we use the same German bar stock hard rubber that Freddie Gregory used, these are hand finished by the best in the business (Brian Powell and Erik Greiffenhagen), and ALL of my mouthpieces offer incredible playability!

This piece sits right between a great vintage Link and great Berg, in terms of sound and what it can do. This is a workmans piece that can be used in tons of settings. A phenomenal all-around player that will make tons of players super happy. It fits a standard full-sized hard rubber tenor mouthpiece ligature, so you have endless options for ligs!

I told you I'd post once I had pics, and here they are.
This is the finished product

The first big group of orders go out on Monday. Look for your tracking numbers from me.

Thank you all.

You can order directly at my 10mfan website.


21 - 24 of 24 Posts