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I've only been playing since April and I recently joined our local brass orchestra. On Friday I had my first rehearsal with the student band, which was quite an experience. Everyone who is new to music starts with the student band, before going up to the full orchestra. I was told that it would be mostly adults and only a few kids in the band. On getting there, I found that it was almost all kids between 12 and 16 years old, with three adults thrown into the mix.
It was the first rehearsal after the holidays, and they've started practising for christmas already :shock: They put me in as second chair alto sax, with nobody with whom I could orientate myself on.
Anyway, without much ado, off we went into the blue. first up, Jingle Bell Rock.... and halfway through the first phrase I was already lost. It took me another 15 or so bars before I could jump in again. A couple of involuntary solos later (I played over pauses... aaargh!), the song was complete and I had only played about a third of the notes, of which a good proportion were wrong notes... what a disaster. Never mind, onward and upward, as they say. The rest of rehearsal was slightly better, and by the end, my nervousness was gone and I was keeping up much better.
Now that I have the sheet music, I can practice beforehand and next friday I should be much better.
I also found out, that in November I have to march and play in the St. Martins procession. This is where the primary school kids in Germany all march to celebrate St. Martin (here's the Wikipedia link to St.Martin for thoses that dont know what it is). So that will be my first public appearance. Lucklily, they are very simple songs (all in C-Major for me :D ), so that should be fun.
Anyway, the point is: For anyone who's just starting out. Dont just play alone, Try to find a band or brass orchestra where you can make music with others. It's great fun.
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