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IT'S ALIVE!!! 1917 New Wonder Baritone

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I picked a Conn New Wonder Bari back in February for $30 off of Craigslist. It was all in pieces (the guy thought it was a tenor) and had been spray painted at some point. Once I removed the the horrid gold paint I found USQMC (United States Quarter Master Corp) engraved on the bell. I also noticed a slight banana curve to the body and some shoddy solder work so I figure I would have that taken care before I attempted to put it back together. I ended up making a deal with a shop owner (friend of mine) that I would pay ($350) for the mandrel he needed to straighten the body and he would also level the tone holes, clean up the solder work and fabricate some needed braces. It ended up that the shop that he bought the mandrel from shut down due to Covid and did not ship it until late august. Soooooo..... after more that half a year of waiting I can now say........ IT'S ALIVE!!!!


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