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So far, so good. Only 4 gigs with the Prime but I’m happy with it. The latest - shown here was at an outdoor festival. The other 4 were indoors. Two in an suburban strip mall restaurant. One in a extremely densely populated lounge - the bar in a Westin hotel. Another in a downtown club. No interference / connectivity issues.

It’s handy to have basic efx on the receiver. One less thing to carry/connect.
I have the extended range antenna but haven’t tried it yet.

Haven’t wandered too far from the receiver - probably 30-40 ft or so.

The sound is pretty good as well. For reference I’ve had an AKG C409, a really old A/T clip on and a Samson.

Fingers crossed - but I’m happy. View attachment 113786
Thanks for the reply. Sounds like it’s worth the investment then. I currently use the Samson airline 77 which has been ok and lasted a long time. Which Samson model did you have? How do the 2 compare?
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