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Ishimori Wood Stone Reeds experience?

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I´ve bought a box of 5 Wood Stone reeds nr. 3 for tenor sax.
I was blown away! I thought: "OMG these are the best reeds by far! These are MY reeds now" I loved them at the first note.
The problem came when I bought the second box of reeds. They are way harder than the first. Both are number 3 but the 2nd. box are like 3,5 or more. I can not play them.
I wrote to Ishimori and after several mails and weeks they told me that this difference is normal. But this is not true.
I play sax for 30 years and I know this little difference in one box of reeds, but no, in this case there was a printing error or something like that, the 2nd. box is almost unplayable.
Have anyone of you experience with these reeds?
Should I buy a 3rd. box?
These reeds are really expensive, the cost the double of Vandoren or Daddario.
Thanks in advance.

Tenor Sax J.K. SX90R Black + Theo Wanne Durga3 9 metal
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I admire their craftsmanship. According to some online sources they import the reeds/cane form RIGOTTI and re-sell them possibly with soe modificaitons. However, this actually made me try RIGOTTI reeds and I have never turned back (clearly cheaper in Europe at least than Ishimori reeds) and equally great.
Yes, They are Rigotti cane, and just like Francois Louis and Roberto's (also Rigotti), they are a different cut.
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