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Yeah...the sad thing is...that guy has had other auctions where he has.... graced us.... with other wonderful versions of classic tunes, too.

You the hands of someone like Doc...I actually don't have a problem with a colored relacq. on a vintage horn...because Doc knows his sh#t and his results are hella more tasteful that this....

But the first question which popped into my mind when viewing this one is whether one should include collision coverage when they go to insure the horn.....

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I'm almost speechless. He obviously knows SOMETHING about playing a could it sound so awful? And no bids.........what's the world coming to?
Yeah... I try not to judge. It's obviously how he wants to sound I suppose. Just not my cup of tea...

Regarding the bids: This has been for sale a while. I believe I saw a post about this a few months ago as well.

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