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Our mouthpiece manufacturing equipment at FlemTone Products poops out 104 mouthpieces a minute. The tables are generally kind of convexish. So our advertising emphasizes the benefit of a convex table. First, it makes your reeds last longer. Second, it makes practicing long tones less tedious. Third, it attacts girls. Finally, it gives you something to discuss for several pages on SOTW (also tedious) with saxophone geeks who should be practicing long tones.

Our manufacturing equipment also puts a small tilt to the table. Not convex as shown in the pictures, but a lateral tilt that is yet unmeasurable by the ordinary saxophone geek. As such, FlemTone hasn't needed to fabricate a justification for that anomaly (or is it an improvement?). Should somebody accurately measure that the table tilts to the left (or is it the right?), FlemTone Products will gift the new limited edition FlemTone Dexter "Cannonball" Young tribute mouthpiece if they don't start a new thread about it.
er, um, Mark - could you please condense this down for a bumper sticker or T-shirt perhaps? :cool:
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