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is this a replated conn 10M

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Looks good, I am looking for a silver plate one and this one is a good candidate. Good serial number too but the engraving looks funny.
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Pete Thomas said:
Looks a bit like mine. Why do you think it's replated? What is good about the serial number?

Probably a great horn once it's been thoroughly overhauled.
I wasnt sure because the silver plate around the serial number area looks a bit odd also the engraving looks like its been freshly re done.
I said good serial number because i always want a nice early 10m (before 1940s) It doesnt mean that any horn after the years not good, its just my obsession =)
Alas I am not an expert, most of you says its original then so it should.

Whats the value on this one can go? I dont know how much I would bid on it.
it has gone up to 2700 now, so whos bidding on this one!! come on honest!!

I am bidding!
No I was outbid...=(

Whomever won it...congratulation

I ended up buying the one from tenor madness
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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