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Is this a Kohlert? Revere special

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Hi everyone,

My first post here.
The best sax I've ever had and still have is a Kohlert Regent baritone, love that thing.
Now I want a tenor to match : )
I found a very Kohlert looking Revere Special, # 303**
Marked Made in Germany below the thumbrest.
Rolled tone holes like the Regent.
Is this a true Kohlert stencil?What would it be worth in very good condition with +90% original laquer still there ?


Anyone have a good Kohlert tenor for sale ? : )
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Well.......I don't know if it's going to be for sale or not, but, just yesterday (as Dave Barry would say, "I'm not making this up") I finished a very thorough overhaul of a Boosey & Hawkes "The Edgware" tenor, made in Germany, rolled toneholes, which I'm 99% sure is a Kohlert stencil, and it plays GREAT! Granted, I finished working on at at 2 am Wednesday morning and only got about half and hour playing time on it yesterday (which was still Wednesday here, and I'm writing this from work on Thursday so I haven't been home yet to play it some more) ---- so maybe it was just a first impression.
If it continues to play the way it did yesterday, though, I doubt I'll be selling it! Besides, it's cosmetically pretty ugly and of course its market value is way below its value to me as a player, so from that standpoint it wouldn't make sense to sell except out of financial necessity.

Sorry for the rambling ---- please contact me offline if you'd like to talk more about it.
Purchased a Revere Special alto off of Ebay. I believe it is a Kohlert 57 stencil. I am basing that on the look of the LH table and the general key shape and layout. wont know for sure until I get it in my hands which will not be for another week or so. A "real" 57 alto went for about $450.00 last week on Ebay. I've seen Kohlert winnedon, 55 and 57 tenors go for anywhere from $400-500(not lately) to as much as $1000+. Regents tend to be less as do stencils. They are generally underrated and under priced although that seems to be changing. Get 'em while there cheap. My experience is that the stencils play as well as the branded ones. I would put my Kohlert tenor up against anything out there. It's by far my favorite horn.
Revere - Kohlert?

Hi Spiderjames,

I have always thought that Revere is a Keilwerth stencil. I bought a Rene Dumont (Alto) the other week, it is a Keilwerth stencil (still have rounded toneholes), but looks almost identical to my Kohlert Bixley.

They are decent horns that does not cost a fortune, I paid 136.85 USD on Ebay........
Depends, I have a rene dumont tenor and alto that are Kohlert 55 stencils. I also owned an alto at one time that was a keilwerth body D&J. I've also seen them that were Kohlert bixley style. Most of the Kohlerts have a distinctive bell to body brace. I've seen some Reveres that look like keilwerths without rolled tone holes too. I think it's all over the place. whoever could produce the stencil for the best price vs quality got the gig so you just have to evaluate each horn individually based on what it looks like. Sometimes even then it's hard to pinpoint. Here's the one I bought off of ebay
I can't quite see the LH table to see if it is a 57 but it's definitely a Kohlert of some kind. I'll do the repad and most of the dent work myself and I should have a great playing alto for well under $200.00
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