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Is this a good sax to buy?

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The ad says: "Conn Jazz Saxophone 1950's with Hard case and extras". I asked him for the serial # and he said n167612.

Is it worth checking out? (Hopefully it's better than my cheap Vito).

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if its 150 bux, then I'll grab it if I were you...especially if it blows ok. You can start collecting them and then open a sax hire shop and hire them out to students. It makes money... Some of this less regarded sax actually blows nice. Horns like weltklang actually has an OK sound. And its cheap.

Actually i am thinking of doing this business for side income. Sax hire here is about 40 bux - 100 bux a week depends on what and which model.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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