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Is there life higher than Eb?

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Hi Guys, I'm seriously considering going vintage for a Curved Soprano. I've noticed that some only have key-work up to Eb. Is there a chart of prescribed altissimo for the notes higher than Eb?

No, long tones won't be the answer. Neither will pictures of that chick from another post.
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On my Buescher (also curved and keyed only to Eb3), E3 is incredibly easy to get. All you have to do is add the G key to the Eb3 fingering. For F3 and above, I start out with left hand 1 and 3 (B and G), octave, right hand 1 (F) and side Bb. To get higher, release right hand 1. For the next note, add side C. To go even higher from there, try left hand 2 and 3 with right hand 1, 2 and 3. Then go left hand 1 and 3 and right hand 1 and 3.
martysax said:
Now I have to find a better case.
DEG makes a case that will fit a curved, fixed neck soprano. Good basic storage.
Yeah, crowds love those curvies. I'll often pretend I'm pulling it out from the bell of our clarinet player's bass sax (can be fairly convincing, depending upon the angle). I am interested if hitting the G key on the King while fingering Eb3 is as easy to get E3 as on a Buescher curvie... if you tried it that way.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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