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Is there life higher than Eb?

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Hi Guys, I'm seriously considering going vintage for a Curved Soprano. I've noticed that some only have key-work up to Eb. Is there a chart of prescribed altissimo for the notes higher than Eb?

No, long tones won't be the answer. Neither will pictures of that chick from another post.
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Now I've done it. This should make me an honorary citizen of Cleveland.
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bruce bailey said:
I have a King just like that from 1918 and it is the best curved soprano I have ever owned. I have had Conns, Bueschers, Stencils and now this King. The first one I owned was a Conn in 1963. I have wanted a King since I played one in 1969 and found mine on ebay. A month later I got a matching (case and all) in a straight one. Great find!!!
I'm psyched. I'm hoping that it will complement my current working lineup of my Super 20 Tenor and Zephyr Alto. I hope I can make it as loud as the others!

With my '45 alto, I found a Runyon piece to play in tune best. Any suggestions for the sop?
My dog was barking due to the UPS driver dropping off a box on my front porch this morning at 9:30. It came from the seller of the curvy. I picked-up the box and thought I was scammed, it felt like it was empty!

After tossing the peanuts, I picked up this little piano-shaped coffin and proceeded to the dining room. I opened it without filming it like FA Mike, I didn't do the heavy breathing either.

It's so cool! I put my Link STM 8* on and started blowing, Wow! It played cool right out of the case! I'm gigging with it tonight!

Now I have to find a better case.
bandmommy said:
You don't like the original case? Or does it have the classic 'Old Horn Funk' thing going?

BTW, Nice avatar. What was supposed to be hanging off from that sling, and was it as fun as it looks?
It's the original case, it just needs a handle. It's as ratty as my other cases.

To see my original avatar, visit my myspace page. Yes, it was a lot of fun.
saintsday said:
OK Marty. You are an honorary citizen of Cleveland.
Here is a pic of what currently squats on the site of the old H.N. White factory.

You're killing me, John. Where's the pic?:? :(
So the horn arrived Friday morning at 9:30 and it played in tune with my Linkus 8*, so into the trunk it went with the other two Kings.

I played Friday night with the HooDoos and ripped the curvy out for Low Rider in the first set. When I hit the first horn line right on target the whole place erupted. It truly inspired me and my solo was a freakin pyrotechnic display. When I lead back into the last section there was lots of screams. The ending lead to the biggest applause of the night.

At the end of the set, people were all coming over to check out my new toy. It's sort-of like a puppy; everyone thinks it's so cute.

I hit a few notes above the Eb on Friday. I keep forgetting that I'm a flautist. I was born to false-finger.
Reedsplinter said:
Congrats on the new axe!

Checked out the HooDoos online -- I see you listed there, but the recording of "Eliza" doesn't seem to feature any sax!:( Though I confess I didn't listen quite all the way to the end; maybe you crop up there somewhere? Great sounding band though!
I know, that's the only sucky part. The band's solid and fun to work with, but I haven't yet recorded a disc with them.

I replaced the harp player back in April or so and have been killing everyone in our paths since.

You can here me on my soundclick page from my Cyclones daze.
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