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Is there life higher than Eb?

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Hi Guys, I'm seriously considering going vintage for a Curved Soprano. I've noticed that some only have key-work up to Eb. Is there a chart of prescribed altissimo for the notes higher than Eb?

No, long tones won't be the answer. Neither will pictures of that chick from another post.
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Yes there are some here at SOTW in the search area. Basically, you can start with E by playing G#2 and adding the palm Eb. If the horn is like most, it will have the Eb palm also open int the D. If so, the cork under the Eb needs to removed and another method made for a stop.
I have a King just like that from 1918 and it is the best curved soprano I have ever owned. I have had Conns, Bueschers, Stencils and now this King. The first one I owned was a Conn in 1963. I have wanted a King since I played one in 1969 and found mine on ebay. A month later I got a matching (case and all) in a straight one. Great find!!!
Although my Super Session works well, a Yamaha 5C that came with another curved one seems great.
I'll take the old case!
I'll check on the DEG case as to a price.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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