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Is my sax a good one?

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hey, I have a Conn 24M alto
serial No. 7116190
does anyone know if its considered a good sax??
cause i keep seeing all these threads bout crappy sax's so i was just wondering
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Hey I have the same model, Serial Number 7107412. I was wondering the exact same thing at first. I've been playing this Conn for a while, and I love it! From all the saxes I've played on (which is quite a bit), I have to say that the tone of this sax is excellent! It just gives such a bluesy feel when played loud. I got the sax at a cheap music shop for $600. I did some research on this model, and I got nothing. From my experiences, it's great. I'm using a Meyer 6 mouthpiece and Fibracell reed with it, and it's really easy to get to altissimo and to play fast up there. Overall, I say this horn is GREAT for playing blues and old jazz.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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