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Is it possible to solder on a Black Nickel?

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I recently purchased black nickel tenor. A seller packed well, but even at the good packing and SKB case two low holder from low keygards torn away. Black nickel is very capricious plate and I fear that it will be spoilt when I will solder these holders. Who are repair black nickel saxophones ? Can I solder ? (or that - glue?!).
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Pounding wire solder flat for this application is something I also do sometimes, but the "pounding" process can coat the surface of the flattened solder with dirt. After the solder is flat, scrape it or sand it until it shines, much as you would clean the solder remaining on the parts.

I have met some techs who save the solder "splatters" that hit the floor for use in this technique.
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