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Is it possible to solder on a Black Nickel?

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I recently purchased black nickel tenor. A seller packed well, but even at the good packing and SKB case two low holder from low keygards torn away. Black nickel is very capricious plate and I fear that it will be spoilt when I will solder these holders. Who are repair black nickel saxophones ? Can I solder ? (or that - glue?!).
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Dave dix said:
place a small piece of solder under the piece and heat carefully and you should be OK
To do this sort of repair, I gently sand and clean both surfaces with 600 wet-dry paper and alcohol...just cleaning the solder, make sure not to sand through the solder. I then pound some wire solder flat and thin on an anvil and use an exacto knife to cut it to the exact shape of the contact. I put it between the two pieces, wire the pieces tightly in place with steel wire and heat quickly until the instant I see the solder flow...this is sufficient. I generally heat the part, not the horn body.
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