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Hi SOTW. I have noticed a problem recently with the pitch on my alto sax. It is a generic student horn but produces a decent sound. I am not cursed with perfect pitch but I have reasonable relative pitch. And this is starting to drive me MAD.

On the lower registers D4 to G4, the pitch is flat by about 20 cents. In the G4 to C5 the pitch is perfect (according to a couple of digital tuners and my reference notes). From C5 to D6 the notes are sharp - 50-80 cents.

At my skill level, I cannot adjust the pitches consistently with embrouchure or airflow:cry:

In addition, my C#5 (open keys) is 50 cents flat also. Although, T-3 [Thumb-Three] fingering is spot on.

Any thoughts, links are most welcome.

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An Alto Horn is a Brass instrument, much like a trumpet (marching band), or Euphonium (Concert Band). I almost didn't click on this, because I thought that's what you were referring to.

Anyway, here's what we need to better asses your situation:

Brand of sax (generic doesn't say much)
Brand of Mouthpiece
Brand of reed (and strength)
Years playing/studying the sax
Age of sax (roughly of known)
Was the sax ever "setup" (do the pads seal, is there slop in the keywork, etc).
(not needed, but good info anyway) How much was the sax new?

There are many $300 new "student saxes" out there today, that are nothing more than pretty fodder for making a lamp out of (many ultra-cheap Chinese brands).

If it is one of these, you will NEVER get it in tune! Just a waste of money, unless you aare planning on building a very nice, pretty saxophone lamp (in which case one of the many colored finishes would be a finer choice than gold lacquer :) ).
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