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Hi guys! I am in the process of putting together a jazz music label named Invincible Obsessed Musicians, IOM, and I'm looking for tapes and discs of jazz musicians on this forum to get into the label's library, and hopefully, I hope to have thousands of recordings in the library from band of soloists. I will design the covers and packaging ect, all you have to do is send the discs and tapes. This is a non profit label on my behalf for the purpose of salvaging the jazz artform in the many musicians out there who are held back and neglected by ill purposed major labels. I am a saxophonist as well, as my good friend and jazz guitarist from a guitar forum are in the process of getting duo recordings done and we are doing solo albums as well. When the CD's are purchased from the site(which will be up soon), the money goes straight to my pay pal account, I'll take the shipping money to send the discs, and I'll sen the rest of the money to you. Regardless of you skill level of the horn, what I am looking for are people who have a story to play, and it's not just about technique. Hope to see all of your emails and please pass my message along if you can, I'd really appreciate that.

Thanks for your time and love for jazz!

[email protected]
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