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Introduction. Hello there,

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I have been playing clarinet for about three months. I’m an experienced guitar player, writer and performer and wanted a fresh challenge. My intention is to learn how to improvise freely and expressively. I found a good teacher locally. Listening to a lot of contemporary jazz at the moment which is mostly saxophone based but Anat Cohen is a big inspiration on clarinet. I will probably have a go at sax in the future but not in a hurry. The clarinet spoke to me when I first picked it up, such a good sound.
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I have been working on scales, intervals and arpeggios. Also learning to play different styles of music from classic jazz to more contemporary sounds. I’m currently working on getting a good sound out of the instrument, learning how to phrase and also how to use dynamics to express the music. As I progress I plan to work on improvisation, incorporating different techniques such as bending, vibrato and articulation. I’m also interested in exploring different kinds of reeds and mouthpieces to find the perfect sound.
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