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Affordable and Reliable Mouthpieces
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Over the last couple of years, I have been developing a small range of hand-finished hard rubber mouthpieces with the aim to offer them at an affordable price. So far, I have 3 models, one sop, one alto and one tenor, but the goal is to introduce a baritone piece in early 2022 as well as a metal tenor mouthpiece also around that time.

Today, I would like to introduce the ASC Foehn tenor mouthpiece.

All my mouthpieces are named after regional winds from around the world and the Foehn is a dry, warm, down-slope wind blowing in the Alps.

The ASC Foehn has a medium-large round chamber and a customizable rollover baffle. It is inspired by the Otto Link "Slant". It has a medium sound with lush lows and powerful highs. This piece is fitted with a very responsive facing curve for projection and the right amount of resistance to push against for better control of the altissimo register. This piece is at ease in a variety of situations from big band to pop music.


Here are some sound samples by Sébastien Trognon, a French pro player, on his ASC Foehn 8:

Here is Carlo Barbaro, an Australian player, educator and D'Addario artist, giving his first impression on the ASC Foehn 7:

And here is Dustan Cox, Senior Lecturer at Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide (Australia) , going through a few exercises on his ASC Foehn 8:

The ASC Foehn can be purchased HERE
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