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Hey not sure if this is the right place to introduce my self so sorry if im in the wrong place..
Anyway im Taylor. I play clarinet, alto, bari, and im learning to play trumpet. Im in 9th grade. I played alto in marching band and bari in concert and jass. Im stating to play altissimo on alto and the notes come out on the bari at school. I played clarinet before I played sax.

Thx taylor aka altobariguy
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Taylor - your speedy editing of your post suggests that you are a gentleman and a scholar. Even if you weren't, you'd be welcome.

For an ignoramus like me, what's ninth grade? Is it some sort of martial arts level (I have a spotted belt in origami, by the way) or - as I suspect - something to do with education?

Anyway, welcome. We're a friendly bunch - don't get upset if you're snapped at once in a while - and there's a great deal of wisdom and advice to be had.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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