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Intonation problems

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Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a good way to tell if intonation problems on a bari are due to the player or the instrument. I have some problems with my True Tone stencil on the notes G#,A,Bb, and B in both octaves, as well as high D,Eb,E, and F. Most of the other notes are spot on. Is this an embouchure problem, or do I need someone to take a look at it? The G in both octaves is absolutely spot on, but just above it I seem to have major issues going too flat, and in the very upper notes going waaaaay too sharp, to the point where I can't lip it down. I've tried a good number of mouthpieces and reeds, but haven't had much luck.

One thing to consider is the fact that the neck is not original; I believe it's from a Bundy. Without an original neck, I can't tell if this is the problem or if the problem is with me or the sax. Would having someone else play it be a good idea? Thanks very much!

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I assume you are testing these blowing full. Intonation issues arise for me when I'm playing in my house while trying to keep the noise down where I revert to using my embouchure to support the note. When I'm playing full my intonation is much better.

You say you experience the problem on the same notes an octave apart which suggests a problem with the horn but I reckon getting an experienced player to try it is the best bet. Your body can play awful tricks on you.

- Michael
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