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Interview with Rampone and Cazzani

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SOTW has arranged for an interview with the co-owner of Rampone and Cazzani in early June.

If you have any questions (by way of example, the current model lines, earlier designs, stencils, etc) please forward to me by PM. Thanks very much!
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I own 4 curved sopranos all great.

- the first 2 I owned are Lafleur - made for Boosey and Hawkes
- an old conn patent 1914
- an Rampone Cazzani R1 lacquer over gold.

All great horns. R & C R1 the best. accurate and easy to play like a quality modern horn but with broad bore / sound like my Lafleur Boosey
& Hawkes.

My Question: Is there a period when Rampone may have made the curved sopranos that I mentioned above, they are marked simply:
Lafleur. Boosey and Hawkes ???????

They have a nice wide neck diameter and a broad sound. Not a true pro horn like the new R & C's but someone obviously knew a lot about designing a sax for sound, but maybe didn't have the full financial backing like R&C has today. Are my Lafleur Sopranos made by R and C. The serials are both 4 digits 2xxx or 3xxx if I remember correctly.

I'll check back in this forum, but just in case I registered incorrectly etc... [email protected]

I could probably send a jpg . I bought both in Toronto, one from Long and McQuade Muical instruments and one privately.

Ernie Tollar
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I have 4 curved sops.
The best is a new R&C R1 lacquered gold. love the broad bore, modern pro keywork and accuracy combo.
have 1914 patent conn - great ore but not as big sounding - keywork primitive against R&C. R &C better over all.
Also I have 2 curved sops made for Boosey & Hawkes bearing the name Lafleur. The necks start at a nice wide diameter much like an R&C. Not true pro quality keywork but good- seems like the makers knew about deep sax tone and the needs of real players. I wonder was this Rampone
in the days before they had financial backing to produce the current true pro signature horns of today?
QUESTION: Is it possible that Rampone made these (In Italy?) for Boosey and Hawkes.??????
PM sent.
The interview is ongoing.

Rampone and Cazzani currently are responding to an extensive list of questions including the possibility of a chart, in whole or in part, listing serial numbers as well the various models built over the years and their respective quality (e.g. "pro", "intermediate", "student"). As well, we have included a list of specific questions asked by members of SOTW.

They are quite busy with production and I expect it will take a bit of time for them to respond as completely as possible. Once this part is done, we will do a follow up interview. The results will be combined and then published on SOTW.

If anyone has any additional questions, just let me know by PM. Thanks!

I trust you are working with Claudio; he is a great guy to deal with.

Looking forward to the result of the interview!
is the interview still ongoing?

i would like to know if its possible to visit the factory and choose a saxophone by myself.
Openrivers, I sent you a PM.
I'm pleased to announced that an extensive and exclusive interview with Claudio Zolla of Rampone and Cazzani, will be completed by the end of October/08.

At that time, he will be able to respond to many of the questions and issues posed by SOTW members.

We've been delayed due to the success of the RI Jazz models, and the necessity of attending conferences and trade shows around the world, including next month in China.

More details shortly!
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