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Intermediate Bass

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Is there such a thing as an intermediate bass clarinet. By that I mean something like the wooden Selmer Signet horns.

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Based on their design and how they play, I'd consider the entire Leblanc line of wood bass clarinets to be 'intermediate' instruments, even though they're marketed and priced as 'pro' instruments. Larry Bocaner (retired Washington National Symphony Orch. bass clarinetist) will take offense to this, as he has played Leblancs for 50-some years, but that's my opinion.
The Noblet bass clarinet is practically identical to the Leblanc, other than a slightly different register mechanism (if I recall correctly) and corked-tenon neck rather than metal sleeve. Acoustically the same, and in my experience plays the same. Which means, some are stuffy and out of tune, some are just OK, a few are pretty good, but none are great.

Here's another thought: A used Amati, if you can find one. The fairly recent ones (post-Communist era) are pretty decent, and are priced in the Noblet range. Plus, they made low-C versions as well.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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