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Intermediate Bass

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Is there such a thing as an intermediate bass clarinet. By that I mean something like the wooden Selmer Signet horns.

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There generally isn't enough demand to justify middle line bass clarinets. Buffet used to make one, the 1180, I think. Yamaha 221 II is a very good student model I suppose you could consider intermediate. There are some second-tier pro horns that could be considered intermediate, like Malerne, Noblet, Kohlert, etc. Those manufacturers also produced stencils, so you might be able to get a Malerne labeled as a Conn, etc.
I agree. Some people that know basses much better than me consider Noblet a better horn than Leblanc.
Based on their design and how they play, I'd consider the entire Leblanc line of wood bass clarinets to be 'intermediate' instruments, even though they're marketed and priced as 'pro' instruments. Larry Bocaner (retired Washington National Symphony Orch. bass clarinetist) will take offense to this, as he has played Leblancs for 50-some years, but that's my opinion.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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