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Intermediate Bass

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Is there such a thing as an intermediate bass clarinet. By that I mean something like the wooden Selmer Signet horns.

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The school system where I 'borrow' a bass clarinet for pit work has a few newer (~4 years old) Yamaha, a few older (~15 years old) Yamaha, and a whole lot of ancient Bundys. I've played every one of them looking for a personally 'suitable' instrument.
The Yamaha clarinets were the worst of the lot. I always end up taking home an old Bundy.
Not the 'best' horn ever made, but the one that I usually get speaks clearly throughout the range and doesn't have any major tuning issues.
Student, Intermediate, Pro.... Who cares about it's 'classification' as long as it plays well. :)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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