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Interesting Super 20

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This Super 20 Silversonic just sold on eBay. Seller states it is an Eastlake serial #379867. It appears to have the double socket neck. This is the earliest numbered Eastlake I have seen so far and also the double socket neck that the "experts" say was a Cleveland model only attribute.
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I guess it could actually be factory made from left over pieces/parts right after they moved to Eastlake. From what I gather, the factories were not as "rigid" in their processes as most seem to be today. I found it interesting regardless of it's origin.
Yes, the "frankenhorn" seems to be the most likely explanation. Maybe it was these guys.... :)
The seller added this on the auction:

On Oct-13-11 at 17:56:20 PDT, seller added the following information:

Some new information about this horn. A prospective bidder pointed out that the horn has a Cleveland style neck and a Cleveland serial number but the bell says East Lake. I have had the horn since new and it has never had major repairs or modifications. We can only speculate that the horn body and neck came from the Cleveland factory, and that the final assembly and bell attachment was completed later at the East Lake factory. That makes this horn a very rare piece. Please feel free to contact me with questions and I will tell you what I know.
My Silversonic was purchased new in 1968 and it is just a "normal" Eastlake Silversonic. It IS "special" to me as I have a lot of memories associated with it and making new ones everyday!
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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