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Interesting Super 20

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This Super 20 Silversonic just sold on eBay. Seller states it is an Eastlake serial #379867. It appears to have the double socket neck. This is the earliest numbered Eastlake I have seen so far and also the double socket neck that the "experts" say was a Cleveland model only attribute.
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I had written to him several days ago outlining the dates of his horn and the move to East Lake, and suggested that the bell had possibly been swapped out at the repair shop.

He replied: "We can speculate what happened but here is what I am
certain of. I got the horn brand new around 1968, and have owned it since,
and it did not have a bell change as long as I have had it. Whatever was
done to the horn was done at the factory before it ever hit the retail
I suspect that for whatever reason the horn construction was
started in Cleveland and finished at East Lake. All I know for sure is that
it is a cool horn with an interesting story. And there probably isn't
another like it.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge."
The seller relisted this horn - ends in 3 days.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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