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Interesting Super 20

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This Super 20 Silversonic just sold on eBay. Seller states it is an Eastlake serial #379867. It appears to have the double socket neck. This is the earliest numbered Eastlake I have seen so far and also the double socket neck that the "experts" say was a Cleveland model only attribute.
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it could of course be a horn made of different parts put together thus combining a silver bell from a later model to an older one or a double socket which replaced a faulty single one . I think it is highly unlikely that it is original.

I cannot find it but I think that some time ago we discussed the fact that a damaged silversonic would be sold exactly to do a Frankenhorn.
very unlikely.......... by the time horns were marked Eastlake the double socket had been discontinued for too many years
what shall I say.......every time someone has claimed to have a " freak" horn in his possession things always proved to have a more likely explanation than some workers for no reason making a frankenhorn........short of calling the seller a liar I can only imagine that someone took advantage of him when he bought it " new" which must have happened in the '70 . The likelihood that at King they kept a Cleveland body already with a serial number stamped but without a silver bell which they added years later (they could have put any other bell at any other time in between) comes in the realm of science fiction especially because the silversonics were produced even after that period and it was not so that they were short of parts or something like that.

We will probably never know
and keep a body 8 years laying around?............I am not buying it :) ..........wait a minute, yes, indeed .........I didn't buy it! :bluewink:
not so long ago someone discussed over here a super 20 silversonic eastlake which was sold on ebay rather damaged but with a salvageable bell. At that time we discussed the possibility to use it to fit a damaged horn and the discrepancy between number and bell saying eastlake came up

Lo and behold and a few months after a horn like this comes up for sale......... a coincidence, parallel evolution perhaps?
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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