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Hey all,

I didn't post this under "LINK QUALITY ISSUES" because this problem only recently developed.

I play a rubber Link 6 on tenor with a BG Super Revelation Lig (not unlike rovner) with Jazz Select 3 Hard filed reeds. I have been very happy with my sound and projection until a week ago. I bought some new reeds last week (same brand, size) and practiced a bit. All sounded good. I have a quick break, I pick up my horn and I notice the projection and sound has diminished somewhat. I change reed, same problem. I figured I just need to do some more long tones.

Half an hour of longtones later there is no difference, and to add insult to injury I find that there is saliva spraying on my face from a leak on the left side of the mouthpiece close to the ligature.

I've tried a Vandoren blue box size 3 reed to check to see if the problem is the reed but the sound was so stuffy and resistant (no where near my usual sound) that I couldn't tell if that was the problem. Didn't notice a leak with the Vandoren though.

What are your opinions? Does anyone think my piece has been damaged? I'm very reluctant to part with it, but in the event that I have
to do so, I was considering one of Paul Tenney's Custom Select otto Links.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

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