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sounds like warped reeds to me...some pieces will do this more than others. Try taking the reed and rub the bottom back and forth quickly on a sheet of white paper on a smooth hard surface and then look along the bottom towards a light at the shiny parts. Chances are, there will be dull spots along the edge. If you otherwise like the reed, play it until it warps, then rub similarly on some 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper, alternating with the regular paper polishing to check your work so you dont go too far. Go until the bottom 2/3 or so polishes completely evenly (dont worry about it near the tip). When sanding, leave the top inch or so of the reed hanging over the edge of the paper as you dont want to thin that, just level out the part that contacts the table and facing. Polish the top and bottom thoroughly when you're done to limit the amount of moisture the reed will soak in during play.
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