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Interesting older tenor

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Never seen keyguards like this before on an E. European tenor. Also note the LH spatula...copy of 10M!!
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I think its a Hohner.....perhaps an old " president" model, the keyguards look like a Zephyr as they do on Hohners, the LH spatula is very typical of German saxophones.....except I've never seen the match striker feature on this one type
I've got an early Hohner - 1954 - it doesn't have the ring bumpers on the key guards, just the surrounding guard, which is one piece around B & Bb not 2 separate guards. The B & Bb areconnected straight across the key cups from the center, not diagonally as this horn is. The low C cup shares the rod with B & Bb as well. Early Hohners seem to all have an extra D trill key which resembles a high F# key, which this horn doesn't have. The chromatic F# is also different from a Hohner.
But it does have the bell key mechanism mounted on the bell, like a Hohner.

Does it have a double socket neck receiver?
Nope, single socket...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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