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Interesting Ken Slone Interview... Ken Who???

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Ken is the transcriber of the original Charlie Parker Omnibook. Ethan Iverson has a short but worthwhile interview of him here:
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Twenty bucks per solo.
Yea, even in 1978 that was... not enough. He doesn't sound bitter though.
He's a close friend and excellent trumpet player.
He used to teach at Jamey Aebersold's jazz camps back in the day when Joe Henderson and Woody Shaw were there.
He left for various reasons including not getting paid much that book and others.
Clearly he didn't get much in the way of monetary rewards, and I don't mean to suggest it's a valid substitute but I hope he at least feels some psychic rewards from knowing how much that book has helped so many players.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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