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Inside the Score

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I am into arranging for large jazz ensemble, and recently got a hold of Inside the Score. Great book with lots of information!

I am also aware of the orange Berklee Press book by Ken Pullig, but aside from that do you guys have any other recommendations of through jazz arranging books?
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Inside the Score is superb!

The Gordon Delamont series is interesting.

Of course, Sammy Nestico's is great, but a lot of it is pretty basic. The section on strings sets it somewhat apart from your usual big band arranging book.

Mancini's is excellent. As I remember it, it is pretty Mancini-studio oriented.

Dick Grove's written a very good big band book, "Arranging Concepts" (1972), somewhat pedantic at times. This is not to be confused with his later "Arranging Concepts Complete".

IMO Gene Puerling is a brilliant arranger for voices and he often scores from the bass line up. There is (was?) a little book of songs that he arranged for 8 voices, titled, "The Gene Puerling Sound" from Shawnee Press. If you can get ahold of it, it's worth it.
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