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Inside the Score

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I am into arranging for large jazz ensemble, and recently got a hold of Inside the Score. Great book with lots of information!

I am also aware of the orange Berklee Press book by Ken Pullig, but aside from that do you guys have any other recommendations of through jazz arranging books?
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Mancini's is excellent. As I remember it, it is pretty Mancini-studio oriented.
Came across this thread and am looking for something similar--mainly pop arranging, the kind you might hear on Dancing with the Stars or American Idol. I've been through Rimsky-Korsakov also have used Dick Groove's "Arranging Concepts Complete" as a reference for years. I read Sebesky's book recently, but it's only Jazz harmonies. I'm looking mainly for pop harmonies. Is Mancini's book pop oriented?
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