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Information about Otto Link?

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I have an Otto Link Super Tone Master that I've been toting around for a while, but don't know much about. I will post a picture tomorrow, but for now any information on it would be greatly appreciated.

The mouthpiece is metal, plated in gold (24k?) It was polished a little too hard on the right side of the mouthpiece and the metal beneath shows through. Similar effects are on the reed table as well. On the top of the mouthpiece, on the ridge, it says "Otto Link" in the usual script. On the top of the shank it says exactly this:

"Super" Tone Master

On the opposite side of the shank it is stamped "U.S.A." and below that it is marked as a "6".

I bought this piece used a few years ago when I was heavily into Jazz. I don't really need it anymore and I was wondering if it would be worth it to sell it, or just keep it.

Is there a way to tell what vintage this mouthpiece is? Or any other sort of information?

Thanks in advance!
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Sounds like a garden-variety, current production Super Tone Master and there's nothing wrong with that. It might be a killer piece!

Now to the point . . . MPowered huh?
sorry guys, been out of town for a while so i haven't had the chance to get on...

here are the pics:

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That's a standard Link that is still being made today. Good mpc, but nothing rare.
I sold my old Link 6* tenor mpc for $105.00 on eBay a few months back.
I do allow foreign bidders, and without their bids, I doubt it would have passed $80.00 .
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